Extraordinary Educators


This is about a unique, advanced opportunity for Extraordinary Educators. It is the opportunity you have been waiting for if you:

  • Have been teaching for at least 3 years in the preschool through college and post graduate environments.
  • Serve as an administrator supporting teachers and systems in better ways to design lessons, measure learning, and improve student performance.
  • Are looking for a research-based blueprint to design engaging learning adventures that increase student learning and performance.
  • Have wondered how to apply or expand learner-centered techniques like inquiry-based learning.
  • Love exploring and applying research related to brain development and the learning environment.
  • Know yourself to be a life-long learner, looking for advanced content to challenge your thinking, your practice, and your performance.
  • Need to find a way to increase the “stick” of your content; ways that allow students to be able to retain, recall, integrate, synthesize, and expand what they are learning.
  • Want more strategies and tools to design, deliver, and evaluate amazing learning adventures.

If you found yourself agreeing with at least three (3) of the above statements, you’re EXACTLY who should be part of the 2018 Extraordinary Educator Certification Course.

What is it?

The 2019 Extraordinary Educator Certification Course is 60 hours of advanced content based on Leah Kyaio’s Mindset Scaffolding Blueprint found in her book Mindset Scaffolding: The Art of Changing Their Mind.

It is about discovering how all the research fits together with the Mindset Scaffolding Blueprint to create an almost plug-n-play blueprint for the design and delivery of learning experiences that are engaging and, most importantly, effective. The result is, in our experience, an increase of success by about 40%.

That’s right! You can increase student learning by about 40% by designing and delivering any and all content through the Mindset Scaffolding Blueprint.

The experience includes:

  • Three (3) face to face meetings. These begin on Friday at 1:00 PM and end on Sunday at 1:00 PM in Bremerton, WA.
    • Our dates for 2019 will  be announced soon!
  • Supporting online course work beginning two weeks before the first face to face event.
  • Lifelong access to the online content and cohort forums.
  • A learning adventure delivered through the Mindset Scaffolding Blueprint that involves your progressive performance of the content you are learning. That means by the last face to face meeting you are performing your own content for your cohort, having utilized the tools and skills to design and deliver.
  • Your performance is assessed by yourself, your peers, and your instructor. The assessments are rubric based and feedback is provided. The opportunity is then available to re-present your content incorporating the changes and adaptations reflected in the assessments.
  • Upon successful performance, you receive your certification as an Extraordinary Educator in Mindset Scaffolding.
  • It is anticipated that Washington state educators will receive 60 clock hours. Other professions and out of state educators should contact us to explore the possibilities of continuing education hours.


With Respect, LLC works hard to ensure our learning experiences are available to all those who want and need what we offer. If the cost is the only thing preventing you from participating, please contact us.