Mindset Scaffolding T3: Train the Trainer; A New Adventure!

  Registration for 2018 Feb/Mar/Apr Series is OPEN 

This is registration for the following dates:

T3-1  February 9 - 11, 2018, Oxford Suites, Silverdale, WA

T3-2 March 16 - 18, 2018, Oxford Suites, Silverdale, WA

T3-3 April 13 - 15, 2018, Oxford Suites, Silverdale, WA

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Are you:

  • an extraordinary trainer or a trainer ready to become an extraordinary trainer?
  • an extraordinary teacher or a teacher ready to become an extraordinary teacher?
  • the leader of a training organization or department who is or is ready to become extraordinary?
  • someone who is learning or desires to become a public speaker, trainer, or teacher?

Are you looking for ways to make learning experiences:

  • More engaging?
  • Have an increase in how participants use and apply what you teach after they leave the training?
  • Better aligned with real learning and brain research that's integrated into the design?
  • More fun and an increased adventure for you and your participants?
  • Have quantifiable data to prove success in the training and learning experience, application of content, and overall return on investment?
  • Offer a higher probability of shifting mindsets, adjusting paradigms, or making effective change?
  • Transformative: moving from boring and ineffective to awesome, powerful adventures?

If you said "YES" to any of these, you are in the right place.

Downloadable Information Document.

Professional development training typically sees a 12% ROI (return on investment).

T3 can take that to 43% or more!

It's about increasing the "stick" - how well what is being taught is actually integrated so the learner walks away with new tools and information that can be applied and used.

One of the greatest challenges in professional development and teaching is how to create a meaningful learning experience that is immediately applicable and integrated when participants leave. It's the one skill every trainer needs.

T3 does just that; by experiencing the full process, dissecting it (T3-1), and then applying it (T3-2 & 3), you can provide professional development and adult learning experiences that truly STICK.

The full series experience, T3-1 through T3-3, is about not only learning how to be an effective, quality trainer and teacher but also the science, techniques, and tools to reach any audience.

It's based on the text Mindset Scaffolding: The Art of Changing Their Mind with an accompanying workbook.

Best of all, it works with any content.

Upon successful completion of the full series and assessment, individuals are certified as "T3 Master Trainer: Delivery & Design."


Participants will:

  • Increase their ability to address and adapt to diverse audiences AND individuals within audiences. (T3-1)
  • Create and utilize a "blueprint" for planning, delivery, integration, and evaluation of training content. (T3-1 & T3-2)
  • Exhibit professional competence with adult learning tools and strategies. (T3-2 & T3-3)
  • Effectively integrate Socratic, discovery learning AND the effective use of time. (T3-3)
  • Upon successful mastery of content exhibited through a rubric-based assessment (written and performance) be awarded Certification as "Extraordinary Master of Training Design & Delivery." (T3-3)

The series is based on extensive research and is supported by the text and workbook written by Leah Kyaio, Mindset Scaffolding: The Art of Changing Their Mind.

Note: There is an additional course available for those who would like to become trainers of the T3 model. Please contact us for more information.



With Respect, LLC offers the T3 series two - three times per 12 months. We keep the number of participants per course at 15. When there are more than 15 who register, there is a waiting list created. Once 9 participants are on the waiting list, there is another course scheduled, usually within 2 weeks of the original dates. Those participants on the waiting list are contacted to be sure the dates work for them. 

T3-1 through T3-3 online and face to face course (full series); $3800.00


Interested in sending your trainers through the T3 series? Join us for the next available course! Get the following discounts for multiple trainers registered in the same series:

1 trainer, registered for T3-1 through T3-3 (full series); $3800.00
2 trainers, registered for the T3-1 through T3-3 (full series); $7,225.00
3 trainers, registered for the T3-1 through T3-3 (full series); $10,700.00

Contact Us for special registration and payment arrangements.

Interested in an onsite course for your trainers and/or training department?

Contact Us to schedule  the T3 Series. Total number of participants for any class is 15.  Multiple onsite classes will be planned for larger numbers


T3 is a three-part series that involves ~60 hours of content delivered in multi-modal formats that include (but are not limited to - because we are always looking for new and exciting ways to engage and create access):  

  • face to face contact (with technology options for long distance participation),
  • Online platform participation
  • Resource mining: the art of utilizing a base list of resources that you then find outside sources to validate and expand content. This is shared with your cohort.
  • Assessment: written, video, performance.
    • Self-assessment
    • Peer assessment
    • Instructor assessment
  • Certification based on a rubric-driven, skill assessment (performance and written).

Each session is 3 days long; 4 hours on Friday, 8 hours on Saturday, and 4 hours on Sunday. Afternoon snacks on Friday; light breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks on Saturday; and light breakfast on Sunday.

T3-1: (Online work required prior to arrival). Experience a training designed and delivered using all the tools and techniques of Mindset Scaffolding. Following the experience, the group dismantles the training piece by piece to explore, understand, and manipulate the model.

T3-2: (Must have completed T3-1). Participants take a deep dive in understanding each of the components of Mindset Scaffolding; how to use and adapt them with any content as well as what exactly is required to meet the expected outcome of having content stick. Learners will be designing and delivering examples of each component.

T3-3: (Must have completed T3-1 & T3-2). This is where it all comes together. Participants collaborate in teams to create and deliver the full experience of Mindset Scaffolding. Critiques and assessment are provided. Through this process, Certification as "T3 Master Trainer: Deliver & Design" is available.

Participant numbers are limited to 15 in any one cohort to ensure individual attention is provided.