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We are, however, embarking on an exciting journey to expand, explore, and experience higher order teaching. It’s designed for you; the extraordinary teachers and trainers who dare to step into the hunt for deeper understanding of what it takes to provide learning adventures that “stick.”

That means, when learners leave, they have integrated and synthesized the material and own it. They apply it, use it, expand it, and make it their own.

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    1. 2018 "Extraordinary Educator" certification course with Washington educator Clock Hours anticipated as available (60 hrs.). Click to learn more.
    2. 2018.2 "Advanced Trainer Adventures in Mindset Scaffolding" certification course. Click to learn more.

NOTE: Assorted professionals may have continuing education credits available please contact us.

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  2018's Extraordinary Educator Course is open 

Are you a teacher ready to take your student learning to the next level? Looking to move beyond "proficient" and step into "extraordinary"? This learning adventure is about taking teaching and learning to deeper levels. It includes
  • inquiry-based and brain-based strategies
  • practicing and integrating new tools to make classroom management easy
  • expanding the intentionality of your learning experience design
  • digging deeper into student-focused learning that guarantees increased learner performance
  • understanding how to use the Mindset Scaffolding blueprint to improve what you already do well.

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Join us on the next great adventure!

  2018's Second Cohort:

Advanced Trainer Adventures in Mindset Scaffolding

More information is coming SOON.