Adapt or Die:
What if Today’s Student Success is All About the Adaptive Capacity of Teachers?

October 21st 11am PDT, 2pm EST

Adaptive capacity is one of the most important factors in resilience. 

It is truly the idea of how many times you can be knocked down and still stand up again.

It includes skills like problem solving and critical thinking as well as perseverance, the ability to reframe concepts and situations, and the willingness to take risks and informed action. 

It is flexible thinking.

In our current state of affairs, the impacts of COVID have caused trauma to many, if not most, of our educators, their communities, families, and students. 

For those with a history of trauma, the pandemic culture can exacerbate the impact of trauma on their brain, their behavior, their mental health, and their lives. 

Adaptation is a universal component of survival. If something isn’t working, it has to be changed. Without change, it will continue to not work.

Modelling flexible thinking in how we manage our classrooms – physical or virtual – and how we execute our lesson plans, is the beginning of making the change for those students with an experience of trauma and meeting the needs of ALL students.

Want to learn more about adaptive capacity for teachers and students? Join us at our next Virtual Ed Series event October 21st at 11am PDT (2pm EST)