Resources To Use At Home For Teachers, Parents, and Students Alike!

We find ourselves in a strange time.

We are suddenly cut off from access to things that our children and students need in order to continue to grow and thrive. We, here at With Respect, would like to offer what we can to help the Parents who are looking for ways to continue to stimulate learning with their children no longer able to access schools, as well as helping Teachers with information and ideas about what they can do from home to continue to educate their students.

Times of crisis require we build our resilience. How do we do that?

  • Keep a positive perspective
  • Stay connected
  • Have ways to talk about what we feel with supportive friends, colleagues, and family
  • Find ways to laugh at least 5 times a day
  • Get outside and soak up the sun and air
  • Tap into your creative, playful self

Below are activities, tools, and resources to do these things and more. Don’t forget to have fun!!