Bullying isn’t the problem; it’s a symptom

Leah Kyaio/ June 11, 2018/ Blog, Bullying, Teacher Tools

It’s easy to target bullying as the problem. After all, it is what is seen, what impacts people directly. It’s like bleeding – you can see it and it makes a mess but unless you figure out what causes the bleeding, it won’t stop. Bullying is like bleeding. It’s a symptom of something very wrong. You can see the bullying

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Are you willing to make bullying the exception instead of the rule?

Leah Kyaio/ June 4, 2018/ Blog, Bullying

Bullying awareness is pretty popular – in presentations, professional development, conferences, and school assemblies.  AND it’s important.  AND we seem to, after decades, only be scratching the surface.  AND the “right” people don’t seem to be at the table.  Probably a correlation between not getting far and who’s at the table, eh? Certainly a correlation to willingness. There ARE research-based,

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Bulllying is a behavior

Leah Kyaio/ May 28, 2018/ Blog, Bullying, Teacher Tools

Seems pretty obvious, right?  Bullying is a behavior.  The cool thing about bullying as a behavior is that the paradigms of behavior apply.  We know, through years of research and application, that; Behavior meets a need. As long as that need is met, the behavior will not change. A behavior does not just stop.  It has to be replaced. In

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Why Arne Duncan’s idea to boycott schools in the name of gun laws is wrong in so many ways.

Leah Kyaio/ May 24, 2018/ Blog, Current Events

Arne Duncan, former education secretary under Obama, has called for parents to boycott schools until gun laws are put in place to “protect” students. It might seem like a good idea to some. In reality, it is another example of what’s wrong with the entire picture. The real problem with this idea of a “solution” is how it makes obvious

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Bullying is OUR Fault

Leah Kyaio/ April 9, 2018/ Blog, Bullying

I’ve come to a revelation. As adults – teachers, parents, grandparents, guardians, neighbors, paraprofessionals, volunteers, community members, administrators, business people, and humans – bullying behavior is our fault. We model it in all our systems and most corporations. We model it as a nation. And we do nothing to REALLY make it stop. I believe (and research supports) that bullying

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Diversity – Aren’t we beating a dead horse?

Leah Kyaio/ May 19, 2017/ Blog

Diversity. It’s a word that has been thrown around a lot. It has become a concept that can be pretty loaded. It’s been used to criticize, organize, clarify, confuse, and conflict. Each of us has our idea of what it means, of what it does, of how it impacts us, and some awareness of the baggage we’ve acquired along the

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