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There are systemic issues that interfere with effective and equitable education, including policy, procedure, practice, and adult skill sets. This creates inequities based on disability, race, discipline, and access to services and opportunities. With Respect provides Educational Consulting and Coaching, targeting leaders in organizations with disparities that adversely effect student performance. Our outcomes include;

Higher Engagement With Staff & Students

Step 1

Without engagement learning doesn't happen. Student engagement requires teacher engagement which requires administrative engagement, all of which requires skills and strategies of healthy professional relationships. With Respect provides the leadership coaching that supports the development and nurturing of those healthy relationships. Additionally, we deliver instructional coaching that supports the development and nurturing of teacher and student engagement. Higher engagement leads to improved student performance and attendance.

Improved Student Performance & Attendance

Step 1

Creating a successful learning experience increases the willingness and desire of students to be in school. By providing students with an environment that is safe and respectful, we allow them to recognize failure as part of the learning process and perseverance as the key to success. Being able to support staff in balancing teaching content, nurturing healthy relationships, and supporting respectful classroom culture is an art necessary to successful education. It is a learned art and With Respect can show you the road to mastering it. Through coaching and consulting, we are able to collaboratively move you through the process of supporting educational staff. With empowered administration, teachers can then empower students for higher performance and better attendance. This is all delivered within the context of moral and legal obligations.

Closing Disparity Gaps

Step 3

Historically, education has not been accessible or equitable for students of diverse backgrounds, which increases gaps in opportunity and performance. These gaps lead to disenfranchised students and communities. Understanding this impact is the beginning of creating effective systemic change. Integral skill sets are required to move policy and procedure in a way that influences practice, supporting equity and respect as well as the reduction and elimination of disparities. With Respect provides the consulting to assess the current system and make relevant and manageable recommendations. Our executive coaching than provides the collaborative relationship to plan, implement, and sustain the changes necessary for systemic success.

Improved School Culture

Step 4

Classroom, school, and district cultures seldom align across the full system. Creating a system-wide culture requires willingness from stakeholders, investment in a clearly envisioned process, and milestones that make it measurable and attainable. Equity , respect and integrity are the outcomes of closing disparity gaps, improving engagement of staff and students, and improving student attendance and performance. With Respect provides the consulting and coaching necessary to support and nurture leadership in implementing a sustainable, systemic, shift that supports all students, all staff, and all communities.

All of our services are custom tailored and can be delivered in both face to face and virtual environments, which we can mix and match to best suit any organizational needs.      

This intensive organizational work requires a deep commitment. As such, With Respect, LLC only accepts 2, sometimes 3 districts as clients at any one time. Please schedule your discovery call today if you are interested in being considered and/or being placed on our waiting list.