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Diversity. Respect. Privilege. Racism. Classism. Sexism. Gay Pride. Black Lives Matter. Equity. Police brutality. Conversations are alive and happening related to all these topics and more. Not everyone talking knows what they’re talking about. Some people speak only from experience, some from research, others straight out of their own opinion.

These are all really deep concepts steeped in history, emotion, challenges, and passion. The conversations can get heated, even change relationships. This course is designed to give us a starting point.

We can’t just start in the middle. We have to find a beginning, some common foundations on which to build. As a result, welcome to

“Foundations of Equity & Respect”

This course is about becoming familiar with the foundations of vocabulary and helpful frameworks we at With Respect use to begin understanding and talking about issues related to these very topics.

This is the introduction to specifically how With Respect has found it most useful to frame diversity work. This foundation then allows us to explore some of the tools that we think are most important as individuals and organizations. With this foundation, we can dive deeper together to explore more, much more, that leads to more tools for understanding, managing, and dismantling the system of oppression.

The content here targets individuals, not based on role or organization, but as those interested in how to respectfully engage in learning and exploring oppression, its impact and results. Our current climate related to Black Lives Matter and the tipping points of events and attitudes are a perfect backdrop to begin understanding from “the beginning.” No, this is not a history lesson. There are those who do that important work too, but that is not the work on which we embark.

This work is about understanding how oppression has been insidiously set up and how it is actually continued, generation after generation, by “good people,” people who are both privileged and targeted, for oppression impacts us all.

How is that possible? Let’s begin our exploration to bring things into a clearer light.

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