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And Thank You! Your investment in your SELF is an investment in making the world a happier, healthier place.

In preparing for this journey, we are going to need some guidelines.
If you have not taken the free course, this is where you go back and take the free course. If you have, grab your journal, you will need the things that you learned there.

First rule: No question, if asked in genuine curiosity, is a bad question.
Second rule: You can always email me with any questions or if you are having difficulty with this course. If it is a tech issue, I will have to find the right people before I get back to you, because I am not a techie. Email: You will find this email at the bottom of each lesson.
Third rule: Respect is the basis of all communication here and in any other format or on any other platform that this course leads you. That means for yourself as well as others.
Fourth rule: The only way to get through this journey to real happiness is with honesty, especially with yourself, and a willingness to do the work.
The going may become rough at times, but the only way is through it and it really is worth it when you get to the other side!

This first course “Journey to the I” is about the tools and skills to 
1. Know who we are and how we operate, learning styles, personality and preferences.
2. Gain the tools and skills to begin the journey to the “true” I and,
3. Challenge some of the thought patterns that may no longer serve us.

You already have the communication style, learning preferences and personality information from the free course, you can take them as often as you wish, but I advise against taking them frequently because it confuses the issues.

This journey is one of self reflection, self discovery and rigorous questioning of the things you think you know.
It will be filled with gaining tools and the skills use them to unlock the beliefs that are keeping you from knowing and achieving the life you want.