Educational Professional Development

Diverse Learners Provide Unique Challenges

Come with us on a journey of exploration and enlightenment as we fill your toolbox with all the pieces necessary to meet the needs of diverse learners and become Extraordinary Educators!
With growing diversity in our schools and communities, the issues that we face as educators, administrators, and community members include; challenging behaviors, lack of student engagement, ambiguous expectations, a lack of emotional adaptability, and a lack of persistence in the face of meaningful struggle. In response, With Respect's educational professional development focuses on:

Trauma Informed Practice & Resiliency Building

Step 1

At least 40% of students have experienced a level of trauma, violence, or poverty by the time they end up in our classrooms. Ensuring you have the appropriate tools and skills makes the difference between student success and failure. Learning is the antidote to trauma: before, during, and after it occurs. Imagine if you had what it took to create a classroom with curiosity as the learning climate, emphasis on healthy relationships, excellent and adaptive instructional design, and the ability to provide students with the support necessary to thrive. There are specific requirements for how classrooms are set up, instruction is delivered, and the availability of adult support that allow that thriving, regardless of previous trauma. We immerse you in our unique experience where you learn the theory, practice applying your new tools, and have a resource to coach you through your implementation. This supports engaged learners and effective classroom management, providing more time to teach and opportunity for every student to thrive.

Teaching to Diverse Brains

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When we understand how the brain is designed and how learning must be molded to fit into those structures, we have higher levels of engaged learning and an increase in student persistence in meaningful struggle. That means students cannot only tell you what they know, but they can apply it, synthesize it, and use it to create something new. When we empower students to own what they learn, it serves them as a foundation for higher learning. It also engages curiosity and a personal drive within each of them, increasing their confidence and capability. This culminates in their ability to partner with educators to manage and sustain student led learning. With Respect delivers the knowledge and understanding you need to expand your professional toolbox, positioning you to provide your students with the highest level of success, in the classroom and on the global stage.

Conflict Management

Step 3

Conflict is inevitable, especially with students. With Respect provides a resolution process and the tools needed to manage this conflict. We teach, assist, and help you integrate a research-based process that shifts the conversation of conflict to drive to the win-win. With this framework, educators teach students to manage and resolve their own conflict, enhancing their individual agency and allowing students to stand in their own self confidence. With the resulting self respect, students become personally accountable and increase their emotional flexibility, perseverance, and resilience.  

Cultural Relevance & Responsiveness

Step 4

By teaching content through both represented and non-represented cultural lenses (cultural relevance), we give students a perspective of pride and appreciation for their own culture and that of others. This leads to higher self confidence and imparts a sense of safety in the classroom environment. At the same time, there are culturally based behaviors and expectations that impact the classroom. Understanding the cultural foundation of those behaviors and expectations changes how we respond to them (cultural responsiveness). With Respect provides the tools and skills to integrate these concepts into classrooms of diverse learners. This supports a respectful classroom environment with a no-shame no-blame mindset, leading us away from punitive discipline, and into restorative conversations.  

Unique Solutions

"[With Respect's] open and conversational delivery style allowed for our class to pursue topics that were specific to our school environment and gave me tools that were tailored to my needs as an educator."

Amanda Wisniewski

Senior Lead Teacher

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