With Respect, LLC provides Educational Consulting and Coaching, targeting small, rural school districts and other educational organizations with disparities that adversely effect student performance.

Our outcomes include

  • higher engagement with staff and students,
  • improved student attendance and performance,
  • closing of disparity gaps, and
  • improved school culture to better reflect respect and equity.

We have had great success with districts and schools who experience high impacts in one or more of the following:

  • free and reduced lunch  
  • trauma
  • unexcused absences
  • low graduation rates
  • low student performance
  • community conflict
  • bullying and harassment (students & staff)
  • hiring and retention

This is intensive, organizational work. It requires a deep commitment from the educational organization and us. As such, With Respect, LLC only accepts 2, sometimes 3 districts as clients at any one time. Please contact us if you are interested in being considered and/or being placed on our waiting list.