Educational Services

All the tools and services you need to create RESILIENT staff and students!

Educational Professional Development

Step 1

Delivering quality tools & skills that are immediately applicable for your unique needs. These individually tailored learning experiences empower and build resilient teachers, students, administrators, and communities.

Consulting & Coaching

Step 1

Our Coaching is fully interactive and involved, providing 1:1 services, side by side in the classroom, ensuring the tools and strategies are fully integrated.

Our Consultant services are tailored to leadership and administration, providing the systemic support that allows organizations to become truly resilient, respectful, and equitable.

Virtual Classrooms

Step 1

While in-person learning is the most effective platform, we have tailored our delivery to meet the needs of diverse communities. Our options include: self-paced online courses, group online courses, virtual classrooms, and multi-platform opportunities for professional development, coaching, and consulting services.

We have the services and support your school and district needs to enter into the new face of education. 

With Respect can help you get your school back on track, with adaptive and comprehensive packages that can be tailored to individual needs.

Activate your extraordinary educator!

As Educators, we face; Unruly Classrooms, Challenging Behaviors, Poor Student Performance, Conflict & Disrespect, Lack of Engagement, and Teacher Burnout. It's time to develop the tools and skills to become an Extraordinary Educator!

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Teach Like Their Lives Depend On It

Step 1

An intensive learning experience, designed to improve your use of social-emotional learning, trauma-informed practice, and more. Becoming the EXTRAORDINARY educator that changes the lives of all students, including those experiencing violence, trauma, poverty, and mental illness.

Lead Like Their Lives Depend On It

Step 1

An intensive learning experience that explores how to lead from the heart, as well as from the research, with accountability to the success of all the students and staff in your community. Creating organizations that are resilient, trauma responsive, and equitable.

Turnaround Schools

Step 3

This multi-year program is designed for low and under-performing schools (especially those with high poverty and trauma impact) that are looking for culturally responsive ways to teach, lead, and improve educational outcomes for all students.