Teach Like Their Lives Depend On It!

Because they are our FUTURE

As extraordinary educators, you teach because you have a passion, a real drive to touch the lives of your students in positive and meaningful ways.

But the issues and challenges that kids are bringing to the classroom have changed, become more and more involved, requiring skills you didn’t get in teacher prep!

Then there’s the stress and strain of managing the ever-changing expectations – standardized testing, teacher evaluation, common core, reduction in resources….

What if I told you there was a simple solution? A research-based, best practice process, badass teacher bootcamp where you can learn and improve your use of;

  • Social emotional learning
  • Trauma-informed practice
  • Student led learning
  • Accommodation, adaptation, modification, and differentiation

It’s how YOU become that single most important person, that extraordinary educator, that changes the lives of students who experience violence, trauma, mental illness, and poverty.

This is a reality-based, teacher-centered 6-day training, intentionally designed to immerse you in an effective experience.

No matter where you are in your teaching practice, Teach Like Their Lives Depend On It facilitates your greatness to extraordinary.

Created by LR Kyaio, Teach Like Their Lives Depend On It is designed with ENGAGEMENT as it’s foundation, because;

when a learner is engaged it works!

We also offer a Mini TLLD Online Course!