Individual Services

Push comes to shove, it all comes down to ME!

Badass Trainer Certification Program

Step 1

As trainers, we need participants to apply what we teach. We provide research-based tools and strategies through our Mindset Scaffolding Blueprint™, to allow the trainer to design and develop their own content, in a way that will improve retention, increase return on investment, and become a truly Badass Trainer!

Become a With Respect Trainer 

Step 1

Love what we do and want to be a part of it? With Respect focuses on perpetuating cultures of equity, respect, and integrity. Consequently, we only utilize the best of the best and have a high level of integrity in how we bring up our team. Our rigorous and research-based process challenges each trainer to achieve their highest potential. Think you have what it takes?

Imagine having a powerful blueprint to learning- for yourself or other adult learners - that INSTANTLY creates MEANINGFUL results.

Personal Development

Step 1

Personal development leads to a happier YOU. 

We have personal coaching options, as well as self-paced courses, delivering the tools and skills that help you move forward in pursuit of your personal goals.

Virtual Classrooms & Online Courses

Step 3

While in-person learning is the most effective platform, we have tailored our delivery to meet the needs of diverse communities. Our options include: self-paced online courses, group online courses, virtual classrooms, and multi-platform opportunities.