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Unleash Your BADASS Trainer!

Using a unique, research-proven, time-tested, blueprint, this experience actually gets the content into your bones. Our powerful and intense program will fully immerse you in the experience as we re-frame the way you think about training, learning, and engagement forever.

Why You Are Here

Step 1

Professional development trainings either STICK or SUCK. Trainers can find themselves lacking results from training design, as well as an inability to motivate participants to apply what we're teaching. Organizations can find themselves with trainers who are lacking skills in delivering compelling content that drives the change that the learning  experiences are supposed to provide. It can also be challenging to design training programs that drive this change. Our Badass Trainer Certification Program™ equips trainers to transform boring, ineffective professional development into awesome adult learning adventures. By experiencing the full process, dissecting it, and then applying it, trainers learn how to design and deliver professional development and adult learning experiences that truly STICK. This increases ROI (return on investment) by at least 30%! We have the data that proves it.

The Badass Way

Step 1

Our Signature Badass Trainer Certification Program, is all about increasing the STICK – the transfer of learning so what is learned in the training room is applied in the real world. This program reinforces and expands your skills to design and deliver high quality, cutting edge trainings that meet endless needs and challenges. Using the lens of our Mindset Scaffolding Blueprint, we utilize years of brain development research, as well as real-world experience to impart a process that is as comprehensive as it is engaging, regardless of content or subject matter.  

The Mindset Scaffolding Blueprint™

Step 3

All of our trainings are built on our Mindset Scaffolding Blueprint™, a comprehensive and fundamental framework that drives all of the design and delivery of our engaging and integrated learning experiences. This system is the culmination of almost 30 years of in-depth brain research, learning analysis, education, consultation, training, and diversity work by our founder, and continued by every coach, trainer, or consultant within our organization. You will learn to utilize this blueprint to mindfully apply the adult learning model and allow for the integration and practice of skills to ensure participants are able to fully apply what they have learned beyond the training room itself. Badass trainers think outside the box, and facilitate in ways that allow for self-discovery at a deeper level. Learning the  Mindset Scaffolding Blueprint allows you to provide your participants with skills and tools they can use immediately.  Once you understand this framework, you will  easily be able to design and provide effective adult learning experiences that allow for the STICK of your content and the increase in ROI.

Let's Do It!

Step 4

Getting started is as easy as taking the first step. We provide in-depth, mixed virtual and in-person experiences in a three-step collaborative process. 

-The first step is a self-paced, online course that familiarizes you with the Mindset Scaffolding Blueprint™  and shifts your perspective about design and delivery. 

-The next step is an interactive online course, where you will have access to Certified Badass Trainer who will be available to assist and support you as you begin to apply what you're learning. 

-The third stage is our premier Badass Trainer Bootcamp™, an exclusive, invite-only multi-day event accessible both virtually and physically, where your understanding is deepened and the opportunity for presentation with feedback is live. The evaluation of your successful understanding, implementation, and presentation, as determined by a design matrix, results in your Badass Trainer Certification.




Interested in becoming a Badass Trainer for With Respect? Check out our Trainer Page.

Highest Standards

"I proudly have my [Badass Trainer] certification displayed in my home office. For me it demonstrates that I have met a high standard for presenting and developing trainings and workshops. In the training, we were taught how to create a program that holds the presenter to a standard that will assure the participants attain the learning outcomes."

Karen Lynch

Professional Coach, Certified Mediator, Communication & Support Specialist