Personal Development

You are the center of everything. 

You have the power to change your life. 
Investment in yourself is investment in the life you want.

Exploring and Deepening Self Awareness

Step 1

To improve our life, we must first understand our relationship with our self. Then we know who we are when we are in relationship with others and how that influences our behavior. We must also understand how our behavior is indirectly controlled by our subconscious feelings and socially-imposed beliefs. This influences us in ways that directly oppose how we wish to be and impedes our way forward to the life we are trying to build. We need to understand not only our emotions and behavior, but also how our brain functions, how we learn, and how we communicate.

Expanding our Perspective

Step 1

Perspective is an interesting, deceptively simple, and obscure concept. Each person has their own viewpoint and is not really able to see anything from someone else's. You have a unique take on life; a perspective that is yours alone, built from your experiences, your learning, your mistakes, and your successes. Research has proven that even with identical twins, if you put them through the same experience, they come out with different views. So how do we shift our own perspectives? How do we communicate our perspectives respectfully and effectively? With Respect provides the skills and tools necessary for self discovery, understanding, and the ability to create and sustain meaningful life changes.

Selfish Altruism

Step 3

Loving ourselves is often a difficult concept. There are a lot of negative connotations surrounding self love, but we have started to see a rise in the awareness of the importance of self care. What is a better way to care for the self than to learn how to love the self?What if loving the self is not a bad thing, but a truly noble act? With Respect delivers the ideas, tools, and skills that help you to better understand yourself, and live in a way that is fully aligned with your own ideals and beliefs. There could not be any greater reward than a happy, healthy self!

With Self Respect

Step 4

Self respect is the foundation on which we build everything in our lives. It also controls what we tolerate from relationships, what we are willing to risk in achieving our happiness, and it determines whether we value ourselves enough to prioritize and invest in that happiness. With Respect will take you on a journey through YOU, to recognize, affirm, and value your SELF. Starting with our FREE online, self-paced course, you will begin to understand what it takes to make these changes. The journey forward includes our Premium Online Content, as well as multiple virtual and in-person coaching options.  



"The experience has brought growth for me and she has been a great help with my process."

Kelly Ann

Personal Development Client