With Respect Trainers

A Shared Vision

Born out of a response to the violence and oppression in the World, With Respect focuses on the mission of equity, integrity, and respect for all.
We use this vision to drive the systemic and cultural changes we are making.

Alignment of Principles & Vision

Step 1

As trainers, many of us are driven by a desire to act as an agent of change; someone who creates meaningful change in the World. With Respect's drive is deeply rooted in a belief that all life is sacred and all Beings have a right to RESPECT. We work to create and perpetuate cultures that reflect these values. If this speaks to you and the work you want to be doing, then you may have found yourself among your People.

The With Respect Process

Step 1

The process begins by going through the full Badass Trainer Certification Program. You are then matched to a personal mentor who will guide you through the rest of the process. As you develop skills and increase your understanding and application of our Mindset Scaffolding Blueprint™, your mentor will assist you in your graduation to co-training. Through your experiences as a co-trainer, you will have the opportunity to develop content expertise, and gain hands-on knowledge of finesse and adaptability. If and when you become proficient in our methodology and content, you can ultimately progress to Lead Trainer.

Investment in You

Step 3

By now, you are a Certified Badass Trainer™ and have identified with our aligned vision and mission. If selected, With Respect will invest in you through our internal training process, which results in an expansion on the tools and strategies you have already begun to use. We provide the real-time opportunity to master your skills in design and delivery through side by side support that includes the actual training of content to our clients, as well as 1:1 coaching and mentoring. 

Think You Have What It Takes?

Step 4

Completed the Badass Trainer Certification Program™ and want to see if you have what it takes to move forward with us? 

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