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The Brain Hat!

This fun DIY Brain Hat highlights areas of the brain and their functions for easy reference and fun!

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Printable Classroom Rules Visual

These colorful, printable posters outline 4 simple and powerful rules for classrooms;

1. Respect Myself
2. Respect Others
3. Respect Property
4. Ask Clarifying Questions


The Magic of Engagement: Education's First Step


This book goes beyond the theory and idea of what exactly engagement is (which alone might surprise you!) and walks you through over 20 specific tools and their variations with discussion on why and how each of them are successful so you can build and develop your own tailored, classroom activities. Bring life to your learners and fun to the learning!

Book:$14.99 + tax & shipping

Mindset Scaffolding: The Art of Changing Their Mind


As professional development trainers teaching to adult learners, we are in the business of taking people on the journey of changing how they think, what they think; of changing their minds. 

We’ve all been through outstanding trainings that, when we leave, we have no idea how to apply or the integrate into what we do. 

Mindset Scaffolding reveals a method by which to ensure that ANY content is delivered in such a way that it sticks. This book provides the framework and blueprint for how to create meaningful learning experiences, where the learner walks away with the concepts and tools ready to use, apply, and expand what they learned while in your training. Imagine the return on investment for professional development. Imagine the increase in your opportunity as a trainer to have a bigger impact. Join me on the journey!

Book: $19.99+ tax & shipping

Engaging Through Conflict: Tools for the Win-Win


All relationships experience conflict. Sometimes it’s loud and messy. Sometimes it goes quietly into the night, unvoiced and unknown. Most people aren’t as skilled with conflict as they’d like. It’s not something we seem hardwired for, we have to be taught. Indeed, we learn how to negotiate conflict whether we know it or not.

What if I told you there was a way to come through virtually all conflict with a “resolution” that was a win-win?Would you be interested?

That’s exactly what this book will provide; a structure and framework that serves as a tool for conflict negotiation and management. It works for simple and complex conflict. It works even when only one side uses it.

Book: $19.99+ tax & shipping

Coming Soon!
It Sticks or It Sucks: Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences

eBooks & eWorkbooks

The Magic of Engagement: eWorkbook


This e-workbook is set up to provide you with a little more insight, a little more opportunity to apply what is discussed in The Magic of Engagement: Education’s First Step. The content of the book is examined and expanded within FOUR primary environments:


-Personal/Professional Development/Trainers



eWorkbook: $4.99

Who I am; The Story We Tell: eWorkbook


This is a journey to self discovery, a journey that ends with increased self-esteem. Looking at the power of the story we tell about ourselves and HOW TO CHANGE it is an important path to continued self-learning. Sense of self is a pivotal component of resilience, personal peace, and emotional intelligence. This eWorkbook gives you hands-on activities to deepen your personal work and expand into your highest self.

eWorkbook: $4.99

Finding My Power: A Journey Into My Personal Power: eWorkbook


Personal power is an elusive term for a crucial component of our complete sense of self and actualization of our needs, wants, dreams, and drives in the World. Understanding that power and having tools to be able to step into it whenever you need to are what this eWorkbook is all about.

eWorkbook: $4.99


Be Safe & Bully-FREE

Step 1

This curriculum is provided in electronic format, so I can provide you access to updates as they become available! This may include tweaks or expansions or even new components and editions. This will be at no additional cost to you!

This work is the accumulation of the experience I have as a classroom teacher and as a trainer of youth and adults in the areas of anti-bullying, conflict negotiation, and cultural competence. 

This comprehensive curriculum includes Student and Trainer Material and goes through a 3-Part Series including; Bullying 101, Respect & Leadership and Strategies & Skills. We also offer the option of including up to 2 years of training and coaching with Leah that includes integration of the program into your system.

For Pricing and Additional information, contact us using the form below, or email us directly at

Kid 2 Kid Training

Step 1

This Train the Trainer (ToT) Youth Program is designed for Middle & High School youth, grades 6-11, to provide them with skills as trainers and teachers for their younger peers. Upon completion of the K2K ToT Program, youth trainers are equipped with the tools and capable of providing educational experiences for their same age peers and younger students utilized the K2K Curriculum.

With Respect provides the first training of youth trainers, modeling the delivery with the support adults so the curriculum moves forward within the organization (see Program Development below). 

The K2K Curriculum requires adult partners from an organization or community as support in learning and implementing the program.

The K2K ToT Program and the K2K Curriculum goals are:

• to reduce and eliminate bullying behavior,

• to increase student self-perception and resulting resiliency, and

• to create relationships across multi-ages to support and reinforce positive role models with effective skills for all.

The K2K Curriculum includes the following components:

What does it mean to be a trainer? This is the introduction and exposure to the personal skills required to be an effective trainer.

What are your tools? This is an experiential explanation of the tools available the K2K Curriculum. This includes a “toolbox” of adaptable activities and learning experiences in addition to the application of time and people management strategies. The participants learn the parameters of each activity (number of participants, training area dynamics, time allotments, materials required, etc) and how to utilize and execute them effectively while managing themselves and their participants.

It’s time to PRACTICE. The curriculum requires extensive time for youth to practice training and managing potential participant behaviors. This allows confidence building as well as the full integration of the information for the youth.

Program Development. This is the tools and materials needed to create K2K systemically. It supports those youth who have first acquired the training to become trainers for the next “generation” of trainers. It also discusses how to implement and sustain a systemic training program in your organization. With Respect is available for contract consulting to support and assist implementation.

Coming Soon: Living in Full Color

Step 1

With Respect is always working on new products and experiences to continue our journey learning and growing together. This first-of-its-kind resiliency curriculum is being designed for cradle-to-grave application with divisions in grade bands; K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. There will be virtual options available.