As professional development trainers teaching to adult learners we are in the business of taking people on the journey of changing how they think, what they think; of changing their minds.

The biggest challenge faced is how to get the stuff being taught, the content, to be applicable beyond the training room. Let’s face it, we’ve all been through outstanding trainings that, when we leave, we have no idea how to apply or the integrate into what we do.

The typical ROI (Return On Investment) in professional development, when done well, is about 12%. That means that, at the end of a learning experience the top range of those who will apply the learning is 12%. Early indicators show that Mindset Scaffolding, when fully integrated, can push that number upwards of 43%. (Stay tuned for more info on that data as it develops!)

Mindset Scaffolding reveals a method by which to ensure that content – ANY content – is delivered in such a way that it sticks.

That’s right, this book provides the framework and blueprint for how to create meaningful learning experiences where the learner walks away with the concepts and tools integrated. That means they are ready to use, apply, and expand what they learned while in your training.

Imagine the return on investment for professional development. Imagine the increase in your opportunity as a trainer to have a bigger impact.

Join me on the journey!

These aren’t things that I created out of thin air. They are based on many different fields of research; resilience, resistance, adult learning, marketing psychology, brain development, and effective instructional design – to name a few.

This also isn’t just theory. I have actively used these techniques to successfully influence and change the learning experience I provide. This is a step-by-step procedure, outlining what I do, how I do it, and providing specific examples from my trademarked trainings.

The goal: to inspire a new way of training that supports teaching in professional development, integrated learning within teaching, and being able to lead from the front.

This book provides the steps you need to move your training from good to great and great to outstanding. Come along on the journey with me, I’m excited to share.

MoEFSThe Magic of Engagement: Education’s First Step.

This book goes beyond the theory and idea of what exactly engagement is (which alone might surprise you!) and walks you through over 20 specific tools and their variations with discussion on why and how each of them are successful so you can build and develop your own tailored activities.  While it targets education, the content is appropriate for those who provide adult and youth learning and professional development.

The Magic of Engagement


“This book helped revolutionize my thinking and how I work with my clients. As a business consultant and leadership coach, I know that the constructs presented in this book for educators are the same constructs needed for true leadership. It’s all about the relationship – and how that is built will determine the work and the change that takes place. Following Ms. Kyaio’s process leads to relationships of trust, which is where transformational learning and transformational change takes place. A great read for educators, trainers, consultants, and leaders who care about the people with whom they interact.”

-Julie A. Myers, The Red Barn Institute.  Leadership Coach and Consultant.

“I am convinced that if I had had this book from the beginning, I would have been better when I was good, and would have very likely been able to understand what was happening as it happened and would not have had to leave my chosen profession in regret.  Ergo, I was altogether moved as I studied the first step of “The Magic” and am energetically waiting for another step.”

-Dr Charles Tucker, Professor Emeritus, Northern Illinois University

PR COverEngaging Through Conflict: The Win-Win

What if I told you there was a way to come through virtually all conflict with a “resolution” that was a win-win?

Would you be interested?

That’s exactly what this book will provide; a structure and framework that serves as a tool for conflict negotiation and management.  It works for simple and complex conflict.  It works even when only one side uses it.


EWorkbook 1: Who Am I? The Story You Tell

This is the first of a series of three. It’s another tool supporting your work in diving deeper into Loving YOU!

The content is a series of prompts and questions that help you step further into defining who you are, an important part of stepping into your power. The overall objective is to support and nurture you in finding a deeper sense of love and respect for yourself and gain/improve your clarity of who you are and what you’re all about.

It is an exploration into how our early experiences influence our life; choices, relationships, expectations, and more.

It’s a chance to figure out how it works for you or against you. Most important, it’s an opportunity to explore changing what isn’t working for you.

Purchase yours today!

Just $3.99

EWorkbook 2: Finding My Power!

This is the second in the series of three. It’s all about finding YOUR POWER. Explore what personal power is, the signs it’s missing, and begin to identify and start the journey of stepping into your PERSONAL POWER!

This eWorkbook is part of the Loving ME! Email series and designed to enhance and support the work of those moving through that program.

It is ALSO a stand alone resource for anyone looking to find their way to, or their way back to, their personal power.

Don’t miss out! Order yours today!

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Kid 2 Kid

Training done by kids for kids.

This is a program designed to “train the trainers” where junior and senior high school youth, grades  7-11 become the trainers for their younger peers.

Costs range from $3000/year (2 year commitment) and up. The variation is based on the group, the number of participants, location and duration. Contact Us for specific quotes.

This can be a community project with several organizations and/or schools involved or a full district with multiple schools represented.

The training for the trainers requires 36 hours of training, NOT consecutively. This is a minimum of a 2 year commitment from training the trainers (year 1) to roll out and implementation (year 2).

All materials are provided including, upon successful completion of the training of trainers, the curriculum to be used.

Have questions, comments, concerns, or thoughts? Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call 360-265-3777 or use our email form here.





Loving Me Email series


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