Check back often! There’s always more being added.

This is a place where you can find links to some of the research that we use to support, design, develop, implement, and plan with our products, processes, and ideals.

The theories we incorporate (and we continue to find more so the list grows all the time!) and synthesize include:

Adaptive Leadership

Change Theory & Management

Conflict Negotiation

Cultural Competence

Cultural Intelligence

Human-Centered Design



Effective Leadership

Organizational Development

Organizational Systems




Systems Practice

Theory of Constraint

Trauma-based Practice

There are lists of relevant articles below, categorized to the best of our ability. As stated, these lists are by no means finite or complete. We continue to add. It’s a good reason for you to visit often!

How diversity impacts organizations.

Employee satisfaction to company financial performance

Employee engagement and satisfaction.




Happiness (wondering what it has to do With Respect? read on)

75-year study and what it tells us about happiness