Professional Development

With Respect offers intensive and comprehensive learning experiences for you and your business. 

We can provide significant and immediately applicable tool, skills, and strategies relevant to the issues that we all face today. They are simple to learn and provide the opportunity of a lifetime to master. They are applicable and adaptable and can be useful to everyone.

Expert Curriculum

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With Respect covers a wide array of subjects and content relating to respect and diversity. Examples of curriculum include:

-Cultural Acuity

-Respect, Equity, & Civility in the Workplace



-Conflict Negotiation

-Sexual Harassment & Workplace Bullying

-The "-isms" (racism, sexism, genderism, etc.)

-White Privilege

-Negative Unconscious Bias

-Community Engagement

-Respectful Workplace Culture

-Effective and Pain-less Change

Issues We Combat

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There are a vast array of diverse issues within government, corporate, and non-profit organizations. In our 25+ years of providing diversity and inclusion services, we recognize trends and recurring issues. One of the biggest sets of challenges is related to the ever increasing diverse workforce, which presents human resource challenges of recruitment, hiring, and retention as well as organizational culture issues of respectful interaction and engagement. There are broader challenges in the strategic planning for the future of our organizations as we seek to include diversity, inclusion, and equity in real and concrete ways. Occasionally, diverse workforce conflicts result in litigation or simply a loss of perceived integrity due to the lack of awareness and skills in managing people from different backgrounds. Also, in hiring trainers to deliver content within the sensitive areas of diversity, they inadvertently backfire if the training is not culturally informed and lacks actionable tools and skills. With Respect delivers cutting-edge, engaging, and sustainable tools, skills, and strategies that allow us to solve these issues and more.

The With Respect Methodology

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All of our trainings are built on our Mindset Scaffolding Blueprint™, a comprehensive and fundamental framework that drives all of the design and delivery of our engaging and integrated learning experiences. This system is the culmination of almost 30 years of in-depth brain research, learning analysis, education, consultation, training, and diversity work by our founder, and continued by every coach, trainer, or consultant within our organization. All of our trainings mindfully apply the adult learning model and allow for the integration and practice of skills to ensure participants are able to fully apply what they have learned beyond the training room itself. Our innovative trainers think outside the box, and facilitate in ways that allow for self-discovery at a deeper level. All of our presentations, from 45 minutes to multiple days, allow participants to walk away with skills and tools they can use immediately. We are proud of our ability to meet people where they are and take them even further than they ever thought was possible!

Now What?

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With Respect exists in response to a widespread need within organizational systems to shift in order to reflect the increasing diversity of our global community. This means that we firmly believe all organizations and businesses would benefit from our services. Our expertise in identifying, informing, and building processes and programs to meet these growing needs means we are the best choice to serve your organization. 

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Accessible & Applicable

"[With Respect] brought the issue of diversity into focus for me through their powerful, effective and competent instructional sessions. Previously, we had received diversity training that left us feeling shameful and at a loss for a next step. This approach was organized, systematic, supportive and doable!  With Respect brings a rich background of experiences and a vast wealth of knowledge that is delivered in a positive, inspiring and totally accessible format [and] demonstrates hands-on, practical, useful skills that can be applied the very next day…in a classroom, with coworkers and in our personal lives."

Sarah Nolan

ELL Coordinator

All of our services are custom tailored and can be delivered in both face to face and virtual environments, which we can mix and match to best suit any organizational needs.