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School Recovery

We have the services and support your school and district needs to enter into the new face of education.

How do we do that?

With our custom-tailored services, we are driving to the goals of equity and respect in education, as well as teaching, supporting, and nurturing the resilience necessary for staff, students, and communities to step into their full potential. 


Executive Coaching

Step 1

 Designed for Superintendents, Executive Cabinet & Leadership, and School Board Members who want to be philosophically clear and have the tools to discover and create a resilient, equitable district from classroom to boardroom to community.  Traditionally includes:

+Policy, procedure, and practice analysis and recommendations re: equity and resilience.

+Strategic planning alignment with equity and resilience goals, new procedural rollouts, pandemic impacts, virtual and distance learning, human capital distribution, and budget prioritization.

+Monthly 45 min virtual 1:1 coaching that:

-Identifies and progresses benchmarks and goals.

-Supports alignment with strategic planning.

-Increases skills and strategies related to resilient leadership, communication, and community.

-Case consulting as needed re: litigation, community concerns, staffing issues, etc.

Leadership Coaching

Step 2

Designed for principals, building leadership, educational leadership who need skills, strategies, and tools to create, nurture, and support classrooms and schools of equity and resilience. Can include support for struggling or challenged leaders that may or may not be on an improvement plan. Traditionally includes:

+Policy and practice analysis and recommendations re: equity and resilience including opportunity and performance gaps, diversity in staffing, and collective instructional strategies.

+Teacher evaluation support. Establishing aligned goals as it relates to classroom environment, management, instruction, etc. that reflect a resilient and equitable school.

+Weekly 45 minute virtual 1:1 coaching sessions providing:

-Progress and support for goals as established collaboratively, including as needed, executive input.

-Support in skills and tools development that can include observation, recommendations, and conversation.

-Case consult as needed – student services, discipline, etc.

Instructional Coaching

Step 2

Designed for instructional staff to increase teacher toolboxes in creating equitable and resilient classrooms – in class, virtually, and in distance learning without technology. This includes the support of building and managing relationships, creating safe learning environments and meaningful learning experiences that transcend platform (classroom, virtual, distance), concrete trauma-informed practices, social emotional learning, cultural responsiveness and relevance, and student led learning. Traditionally includes: 

+Assessment and recommendations related to classroom management

+Observation and feedback related to instructional strategies for selected staff.

+Progression of goals and benchmarks as established collaboratively which can include administrative input. 

+Can include 1:1 support and coaching for new teachers or those who would benefit from more direct services.

+Support in teacher evaluation process.

+Up to twice monthly group coaching on establishment of relationships; in the classroom, virtually, and with non-tech distance learning.

+Up to twice monthly, group coaching on creating meaningful and effective learning experiences; in the classroom, virtually, and with non-tech distance learning.

=Development of emotional intelligence.

Professional Development

Step 1

Designed for district-wide movement, it is meant to include executive leadership, building administrators and leadership, teachers and instructional staff, support staff in areas of special education, food service, transportation, administrative support, and maintenance/janitorial staff. 

All adult learning experiences are meaningful, engaging, provide immediately applicable tools, and can be utilized for continuing education for most industries represented in education. Regardless of how content is delivered (virtual, face to face, or mixed), it is unique with high impact on behavior and practice.

Outcomes include being a “trauma informed” system, having an organizational culture of equity and respect, improved instruction (in classrooms, virtually, with distance learning without technology) and use of student led learning, closing of disparity gaps, increase in student attendance, engagement, and performance, decrease in discipline referrals, and a fully empowered staff with toolboxes to meet the needs of themselves, their students and communities. 

The audience, topics, and content are all customizable to meet the needs of your staff. Delivery can be virtual, face to face, or a mixed modality. Broad topics include:

+Trauma-informed Practice Applied in the Classroom and Beyond (Virtual, Distance)

+Creating, Supporting, and Expanding Resilient Classrooms (Face to Face, Virtual, Distance)

+Equity & Respect in Our Schools BY DESIGN

+Emotional Intelligence: From the Top – Down: Can’t Give What You Don’t Have

Living in Full Color: A Resiliency Curriculum

Step 1

This is a mixed platform, adaptable curriculum designed for PK-12 students that intentionally teaches the tools and skills necessary for students to be able to self-regulate, self-manage, and effectively use mindfulness and self-care to activate their resilience. LIFC is more than a social-emotional curriculum in that it supports the development and nurturing of student agency as well as resilience. 

The content incorporates cultural relevance and responsiveness, expanding teacher tools to improve cross cultural engagement in teacher-student and student-student relationships. The full curriculum experience is delivered in short, bite-size pieces that engage students in mind, body, and emotion. Content is divided by grade bands, serving PK-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. It is delivered via:

+Ten-minute, live virtual direct student teachings from our virtual classroom to yours. Each grade band is scheduled across the day with teachers accessing at their assigned time or viewing the recorded session.

+Each participating teacher has the physical materials to support the live virtual learning.

+Additionally, each participating teacher has the supporting curriculum and materials for the following week to provide 10-15 minute lessons daily that expand on the live virtual learning.

+Monthly TEACH & REACH virtual check-in, Q/A, and expanded learning.


Introductory Package

35% off

Any 1 of our services customized to district specifications.

Intermediate Package

60% off

A combination of 3 of our services, customized to district specifications, plus:

+Half Day Strategic Planning Session.

+3 Hours of Strategic Planning Support.

+Quarterly onsite coach/consultant visits

+Quarterly reports of services provided, goal progress, and customized details as contracted.

Comprehensive Package

40% off

All 5 services customized to district specifications. Includes: 

+Half Day Strategic Planning Session. It is a detailed look at the district’s history, current climate, desired goals, future directions, etc. for the purpose of determining outcomes, specific services, and relevant details.

+Full equity & resilience assessment with recommendations of current Policy, Procedure, & Practice.

+5 hours of Strategic Planning support. Provided to ensure the formal district strategic plan encompasses the outcomes and services being provided.

+1-10 Executive Coaching slots

+2-15 Leadership Coaching slots

+5–15 1:1 Instructional Coaching slots

+Unlimited group coaching

+6 full days of Professional Development (flexible options of virtual, face to face, and mixed platform). Can include PD before the beginning of the school year as well as scheduled time throughout the school year.

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LET'S CUSTOMIZE! Recognizing your needs may be outside the scope of the designed packages, we look forward to a conversation to determine the services that will be a perfect fit to your district and your needs as it relates to respect and resilience.

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