Wanted to be sure everyone has seen and signs up for our cool upcoming FREE WEBINAR! Mindset Scaffolding: Training to Diverse Brains.

This will be an hour full of great information related to how the brain learns, how we as trainers and teachers can engage the brain, and – most importantly –

How to make sure our learning experiences STICK and don’t SUCK!

This idea of “STICK” is really important. It’s what allows our learners and participants to actually take what we are giving them and use and apply it outside of the learning space. It’s huge.

We’ve all been in those experiences where the content was amazing but when we left, life took over and we never quite figured out how to make it work.

Stick is crucial if we want to influence change – change of behavior, use of a tool or resource, or how people and systems interact differently.

This is, of course, what our Badass Trainer Bootcamp is designed to do – ensure the stick. Check out our website to see when our next one is scheduled. To get started right away, join our online course Mini-Badass Trainer Bootcamp.

Come on over and sign up for the FREE webinar: Mindset Scaffolding; Training to Diverse Brains. There might be some great surprises for those participating as well!

Additionally, there’s a link on our homepage! https://with-respect.com

See you there!

With Respect,

Leah Kyaio