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Why Arne Duncan’s idea to boycott schools in the name of gun laws is wrong in so many ways.

Leah Kyaio/ May 24, 2018/ Blog, Current Events

Arne Duncan, former education secretary under Obama, has called for parents to boycott schools until gun laws are put in place to “protect” students. It might seem like a good idea to some. In reality, it is another example of what’s wrong with the entire picture. The real problem with this idea of a “solution” is how it makes obvious

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Bullying is OUR Fault

Leah Kyaio/ April 9, 2018/ Blog, Bullying

I’ve come to a revelation. As adults – teachers, parents, grandparents, guardians, neighbors, paraprofessionals, volunteers, community members, administrators, business people, and humans – bullying behavior is our fault. We model it in all our systems and most corporations. We model it as a nation. And we do nothing to REALLY make it stop. I believe (and research supports) that bullying

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When things like Portland happen….

Leah Kyaio/ May 29, 2017/ Current Events

I’m not looking for answers about the three young men who stood up to words of hatred and met with a blade. I’m trying to share tools. That’s how we change this story. This is a piece on how to manage ourselves, because it really does all begin with ME. It’s not a quick fix or a silver bullet. It’s

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