The Details….

Badass Trainer Bootcamp is designed for you;

Extraordinary Trainers who dare to dive deeper…

…who seek the adventure of understanding how to create and deliver trainings that STICK.

It is an opportunity for full immersion in a 6-day intensive. Plan to walk away with new knowledge and skills that you have learned, applied, practiced, and performed. This ensures you are on your way to mastery.

Success is marked by a BadAss Trainer Certification. This is not awarded for simply attending! You have to earn it through your performance, assessed through a professionally developed rubric.

Each cohort is only available to 15 participants. This allows the learning to be individualized and intimate while making room for you to stretch your wings, step into practice (as awkward as it may be), and be fully supported by a community of learners who are in it together.


Remaining cohorts available in 2019:

COHORT 2 – September 9th – 14th, from 9 AM – 5 PM daily with additional time spent with online learning in the evenings

COHORT 3 – November 4th – 9th, from 9 AM – 5 PM daily with additional time spent with online learning in the evenings


Seattle area; locations TBD by June 30, 2019


$3,000.00 tuition.

Does not include travel and accommodations.

Early bird registration is $500.00 off until August 30, 2019!

(Other discounts may be available for multiple registrants, B-Corp, and non-profit organizations. Contact us to learn more.)

Remember, each cohort holds only 15 participants. The seats are filling up – will you be one?


Want more details? Download here. This includes outcomes, agenda details, and relevant information for those interested in knowing more.