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Their Lives Depend On It

Teach Like Their Lives Depend On It (TLLD)

The issues and challenges that our kids are bringing to the classroom have changed, coupled with the stress and strain of managing the ever-changing expectations like standardized testing, teacher evaluation, common core, pandemic recovery, and reduction in resources, make positive teaching experiences difficult to attain.
What if I told you there was a simple solution? A research-based, best practice, multi-day intensive that teaches:

1. Emotional Intelligence

Step 1

This is where it all starts. As educators, emotional intelligence is the foundation of being able to teach and model all of the life skills that students need to succeed. We cannot teach what we don't understand. By continuing to develop our own skills and tools in emotional intelligence, it allows us to be able to teach students self-regulation and self-management.  

2. Student Self-Regulation & Self-Management

Step 1

Self-regulation is the ability to identify emotions and determine appropriate and healthy behavioral responses that serve to get needs and wants met effectively. This leads to self-management, which is the ability to be able to focus, persevere, and succeed. Cultural relevance and flexibility are important components this program teaches that support educators' effectiveness in empowering students. All of these skills and tools are crucial to student agency. With agency, they own their growth and development, setting the groundwork for student-led learning.

3. Student-Led Learning

Step 3

Student-led learning uses a growth-mindset and strengths-based learning to achieve a higher level of interactive learning experiences, increasing engagement and performance. By equipping teachers with the necessary tools and skills, they empower the students to own their learning, and build resilience. 

4. Resiliency Building

Step 4

Resilience is the key. Regardless of the challenges in front of you, being able to right yourself, stay on your path, and reach your goals is the tightrope we all must walk. For those who have experienced trauma, poverty, violence, and mental illness, resilience is often the difference between making it, or not. Educators have the unique opportunity and moral imperative to develop, nurture, and support student resilience. This program provides the toolbox to the teachers, so they can empower their students.

Immediately Applicable

"I learned the tools that make a difference in my classroom EVERY DAY!"

Katie Pitroff

Kindergarten Teacher

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Lead Like Their Lives Depend On It (LLLD)

The issues and challenges facing administrators and entire districts span vast and challenging areas. These challenges are driven by technology, violence, social response, and community reactivity. Such circumstances and situations have no historical precedent from which to derive insight or direction. 
Our first-of-its-kind program, built from emerging needs, informs educational systems by providing administrators and leaders with skills, strategies, and tools for:

Leading Leaders

"Leadership taken to the next level. I'm a better leader and a better me."

Michael Marstrom

K-12 Principal

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Retention of Qualified Staff

Step 1

Research reminds us that the primary predictor of student success is the quality of educational staff. Increasing our tools to hire, evaluate, and retain diverse, proficient individuals is integral to successful educational systems. We provide the tools to intentionally create and nurture an organizational culture of equity and respect, resulting in employee longevity, high morale, and job satisfaction.

Closing Achievement & Opportunity Gaps

Step 1

Educational disparities continue in areas of class, race, and ability. Closing these gaps requires leadership that understands the integration of policy, procedure, and classroom practice. Having the tools and strategies to assess, adapt, and implement the changes necessary is crucial. We provide what you need for successful navigation of the process, with respect, integrity and equity.

Behavior & Discipline Management

Step 3

As diversity of students increases, so does the range of behavior and the need for adaptability. Consequently, our toolbox needs to expand. Behavior and discipline policy and procedures must support classroom and school resilience-building, setting the groundwork for resilient communities. Learning and applying the tools and strategies of restorative discipline through this program, allows for adaptive and culturally responsive leadership.

Leading with Cultural Acuity

Step 4

Cultural Acuity is the full integration of cultural relevance and cultural responsiveness throughout the educational system. As leaders, this is the key to closing our disparities, improving our behavior and discipline management, and retaining qualified staff. With Respect provides the tools, the practice, and the integration to reach conscious competence and have the ability to nurture success in diverse students and communities.