Turnaround Schools Program

The Makeover Starts Here

High-poverty and trauma-impacted schools often reflect the lowest performance for students, deepest disparities, and widest achievement gaps. This process is designed to create real, sustainable change that positively impacts culture, performance, and equity. Our 3 year, system-oriented, comprehensive package combines With Respect programs and services, delivered with fidelity and integrity, through:

Classroom Change

Step 1

First, we provide training developed through our Teach Like Their Lives Depend On It© program. Classroom teachers then experience 1:1 instructional coaching and mentoring. Our progressive services move from being in the classroom daily the first year, weekly the second year, and monthly the third year. At this point, teachers have mastered the skills and tools necessary to teach a full array of resilience strategies: self-regulation, self-management, and student-led learning. Achieving higher levels of student engagement, lower distracting behaviors, quality classroom management, and increased student performance results in resilience-building and shrinking achievement gaps. Duplicating this across classrooms, sets the stage for school-wide change.

School-Wide Change

Step 1

Principals and school leadership experience  professional development derived from both our Teach Like Their Lives Depend On It© & Lead Like Their Lives Depend On It© programs, providing insight and awareness from the classroom to the district. Coupled with executive coaching, we deliver the skills, strategies, and tools to identify, support, and retain valuable, qualified staff. Our strategies ensure a sustainable organizational culture of equity and respect, culminating in the perspective necessary to be an advocate for effective and resilient classrooms that are academically and socially-emotionally grounded. Together with the comprehensive classroom impact already established, we have laid the groundwork for systemic change.

Systemic Change

Step 3

Our comprehensive executive training and coaching targets superintendents, executive cabinet, and school board leadership. Establishing a growth mindset, the team examines, alters and hones policy, procedure, and practice to reflect a sustainable culture that is based on integrity, equity and respect while building resilience in staff and students. Culminating in a 5 year strategic plan built on these new norms, the district has collaboratively trained staff equipped to sustain the classroom, building, and district culture. This ensures capitalization on the district's investment.

A Fully Aligned Process;

Step 4

From implementation to integration, our comprehensive process takes a hand-in-hand approach to create meaningful and sustainable change. Starting in the classroom, we move to the building, to the district, to the boardroom. Empowered with our tools and strategies, your system has what it needs to successfully navigate the perpetual challenges faced by these communities. This closes the achievement gap and continues to support success for all; providing  resilience in individuals and families to overcome challenges and barriers associated with high-trauma, high-poverty environments.

Driving Change

"[With Respect's] support is creating positive momentum in our system. Their knowledge, skills, and desire to ensure that all students are served in high performing systems are evident in each interaction."

Ellen S Perconti


All of our services are custom tailored and can be delivered in both face to face and virtual environments, which we can mix and match to best suit any organizational needs.