Turn Around School Program

This is the opportunity to transform low and under performing schools into thriving learning environments in as little as one school year!


Educational Staff

Will be immersed in Teach Like Their Lives Depend On It – Teacher Bootcamp. WHAT'S THAT?
A rigorous and educational experience designed to teach teachers how to integrate social-emotional learning, trauma-informed/resiliency-building, and student-led learning into their everyday classroom culture and processes.

Administrative & Leadership Staff

Will be immersed in Lead Like Their Lives Depend On It – Leadership Bootcamp. WHAT'S THAT?
A thorough learning experience that explores how to lead from the heart, as well as from the research, with accountability to the success of all the students and staff in your community.

  • Instructional coaching and mentoring for every educational classroom.
  • Executive coaching and mentoring for every school leader.
  • Classroom environments are evaluated and re-structured to support the Five Components of Thriving Learning Environments.


  1. Respectful container: includes school culture, communication, and conflict management.

  2. Safe learning environment: in every classroom.

  3. Empowered students: self-regulating & self-managing.

  4. Equipped Teachers: solid pedagogy, teaching with purpose, skills to teach to diverse learners.

  5. Accountable learning community: everyone is responsible for learner outcomes.


Interested in learning more about what we can do for you and your school? Let’s set up a discovery call! Call Leah at 360-710-4632. Leave a message, if we don’t answer, with your best available times – don’t forget to let us know what time zone you’re in! Prefer to email? leah@with-respect.com

Are you an educator interested in becoming part of our Turn Around Team? Call Leah at 360-710-4632 or email leah@with-respect.com