25 of years of experience solving organizational problems

We provide customized tools and strategies to organizations to eliminate sexism and racism. Our work includes services historically understood as diversity training; keynote/motivational speaking, sexual harassment training, diversity & inclusion training, cultural competence, conflict resolution, conflict management, and more.

Our focus is on individuals within organizations.


Research supports that in order to improve policy, procedures, practice and culture, the organization and individual must progress through change and expansion simultaneously.


That means our services are for employees AND executive leadership with an expected outcome to improve the equity and respect across the full organization.


All of our services are customized to meet the needs of your organization today. Our services include:

Our tools and strategies provide systemic, sustainable, and measurable outcomes.

We solve problems like

  • workplace bullying,
  • sexual harassment,
  • civil rights violations,
  • low morale & gossip,
  • high turnover,
  • personnel conflict,
  • violence in the workplace and community,
  • and much more.

We are the cutting edge and best cultural competence experts you can find.


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Speaking Solutions

Looking for an inspiring, passionate, and motivating speaker who also customizes content to shift mindsets, empower employees, and challenge the status quo? Leah Kyaio does just that and more. You’ll be amazed at the impact a powerful speech can have on your overall employee productivity.


Professional Development Done Right!

25 years of experience in professional development makes ours the best there is. If you and your organization are ready to experience the next generation of diversity training you’re in the right place. Our adult learning experiences provide hands on, discovery learning that encourages new ways of thinking AND doing that increases individual and organizational equity and respect.

Cops, Culture & Change (3C)

Cops, Culture & Change: New Vision for Law Enforcement  is our unique organizational development program designed to move individuals AND organizations through the necessary shifts to embody cultural flexibility. Systemic & sustainable, it provides law enforcement with everything needed to serve and protect with equity and respect.

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