25 of years of experience providing immediately applicable diversity tools

We provide customized tools and strategies to organizations and individuals to eliminate sexism and racism and promote equity and respect.

Our services:

Diversity Professional Development

We provide customized professional development that offers immediately applicable tools and strategies to eliminate racism and sexism.

Topics run the full spectrum of diversity and inclusion training; sexual harassment, effective communication, cultural competence to acuity, conflict resolution & management, leadership support, and more.

Our tailored products include typical organizational training as well as systemic strategic assessment and planning. A.D.A.I.S., our systemic program, includes assessment and diagnosis of policy, procedure, practice, and culture based on standards of high systemic equity and respect.

Additionally, we offer a Certified Executive of Diversity Excellence course available for individuals and organizations.

Train the Trainer

Learning and improving is crucial in the professional development for trainers. We offer our trademark curriculum for the unique experience of training individuals to gain, improve, and hone their training and teaching skills particularly related to diversity and inclusion (though applicable to all trainers and teachers). The experience includes the concepts of Mindset Scaffolding and adult learning integration and results in our Certification of Diversity Excellence Trainer.

Personal Development

Products and services that improve self-worth, self-respect, and the ability to effectively and respectfully engage with oneself, others, and communities.


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