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What is an “Education Hack”?

A person creating solutions to problems in the field of education that support the teaching and learning process for ALL


Want to be the VERY BEST TEACHER you can be?

Struggling to teach in your own classroom?

Challenging behaviors constantly derailing your lessons?

Don’t feel like you have the time or the means to really teach because of standardized tests, common core, grading requirements, new technology, and so much more?

Want to teach with passion and innovation?

Want to find that “sweet spot” where students love to learn and you love to teach?

Want to create a compassionate, contagious classroom?

 If you answered yes to any of the above questions,

Then I’m the Hack You’re Looking for!

I can help you find solutions for:

  • Meeting the needs of all your students
  • While successfully meeting all the new requirements
  • And meeting your own standards of excellence

Best of all..

  • You and your students can have fun learning!

Leah teaching

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Best of all is my premium program:

Teach Like Their Lives Depend On It!

This online subscription program provides tools and strategies that make it clear how to do what’s best for kids while doing your best and creating a classroom that is filled with successful learners, minimal behavior issues, and contagious compassion!  It’s all possible, today, within the confines of expectations and requirements.  Research-based, bite-sized pieces, set up in simple video and audio media that you can access whenever you want.  There’s also a place to create community and ask me anything.  Click on the link above for more information.  Or, if you’re ready, click here to sign up now.


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Not Just For Teachers

I experienced Leah’s diversity and cultural awareness training as part of a very non-diverse group of employees. Her methods were inclusive, non-confrontational, determined , and pragmatic, allowing the group to address uncomfortable topics in a bold but non-threatening manner. Since then, I have discovered that Leah lives what she teaches, setting the example in every venue.


— Diana Brown
Director, Information Systems
Washington Schools Risk Management Pool