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to bullying, disparity gaps, discrimination events & complaints, hiring & retention issues, suicide prevention & intervention, and more. Serving the following folks:
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Providing professional development, coaching, strategic planning, and organizational development for all facets of education from classrooms and administrators to board rooms and court rooms. Whether facing mandate, litigation, or the choice to move into a progressive global culture, With Respect, LLC can use what’s already working in your school or district to provide you with sustainable solutions. Click to enter and learn more.


In business, profit and customer satisfaction are important. Ensuring equity and respect are the foundations of both. Whether facing litigation or looking for progressive ways to meet the global needs of your organization, With Respect, LLC can help. Click to find out more!


Assessing and mobilizing communities is the first step in prevention. With Respect, LLC can help you do just that and then provide the solutions to build capacity to fill the gaps in support as well as the resources to create sustainability. Click to learn more!


Supporting elders and their caregivers in getting healthcare needs identified, met and tracked is a huge step in supporting and caring for our older generations. Click here to learn more!


With Respect, LLC
Violence? Oppression? Solutions?

Leah Kyaio & Ebie Andrew co-own With Respect, LLC, providing strengths-based solutions to the challenges of violence and oppression. To be clear, violence includes •Bullying • •Suicide• •Homicide• •Domestic Violence• •Child Abuse• •Hate Crimes• Oppression includes •Racism• •Sexism• •Heterosexism• •Ageism• •Classism• •Religionism/Creedism• With Respect, through products and services, works to reduce and eliminate violence and oppression by providing specific skills and tools to individuals, schools, communities, businesses, and government agencies. These tools and skills work best when applied from an organizational or community perspective – though every organization and community comes down to YOU. It really does take a village to create a world With Respect. Come on into our website to learn more about exactly what we can do for you?

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Leah R. Kyaio

Providing strengths-based solutions to violence and oppression.
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Ebie Andrew

Personal Healthcare Management Coach
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Patch Kyaio

IT d00d
Patch is awesome. He handles our Websites as well as General IT and Social Media.
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Sean Lake

Graphix Guy
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Sampson Theodore

Ambassador & Leah’s Service Dog
Sam is the ever present force that makes independence a reality for Leah as a seizure alert dog.


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