With Respect, LLC

Our name says a lot and speaks to our mission;

To design and deliver tools and strategies that create and nurture EQUITY and RESPECT within individuals and organizations to create the environment to dismantle oppression.

Our services include;

  • Personal Development
    • After all, at the end of the day, it all comes down to me!
  • Diversity & Inclusion Professional development
    • Badass Trainer Bootcamp - Our signature certification program for extraordinary trainers to reach their highest potential through our Mindset Scaffolding Blueprint.
    • Adult education for businesses, corporations, government agencies, education systems and classrooms, non-profits, and community based organizations.
    • Topics include Trauma/Resiliency and ACES work, Cultural Acuity and the "-isms", Conflict, Workplace Bullying & Harassment, Leadership Development, Ally & Activism, and Language & Communication.
  • Educational Services
    • Teach Like Their Lives Depend On It - intensive learning experience to increase skills, tools, and information related to all things teaching.
    • Educational Coaching & Consulting: provided for administration and executive leadership, classroom instructional support, behavior intervention, and special education.
    • Educators' Professional Development including topics of:
      • Trauma, ACEs, and Resilience
      • Social Emotional Learning: self-regulation, self-management, agency
      • Management & Engagement
      • Student-led Learning
      • Teaching to Diverse Learners
      • All Things Behavior
    • Turn Around Schools Program
      • Supporting the sustainable success of schools that are traditionally low performing, rural, have high trauma impact, high poverty impact, and disparities in special education, performance, graduation, and attendance.
      • Piloting our intensive program that is expected to support schools within the demographics and dynamics above in changing their trajectory in a single school year.

Our Professional Development targets the ideals of Diversity - to reduce and eliminate racism, classism, and sexism in the workplace; along with all the other -isms.

We offer tailored learning experiences that provide individuals within your organization the tools and strategies to better engage and manage themselves throughout all of their diverse professional relationships. Our trainings increase self-awareness, improve leadership and communication skills, introduce and integrate effective conflict management tools, and provide strategies that allow the organizations culture to develop and expand within the ideas of equity and respect.

We also offer professional development that targets professional development professionals (trainers) and teachers. Our Badass Trainer Bootcamp and Teach Like Their Lives Depend on It  provides trainers and educators the ability to design and deliver learning experiences and adventures that increase the "stick" - how much students learn, retain, and apply.

The purpose of our services is to EMPOWER individuals and the organizations in which they work to operate through RESPECT and EQUITY.

The best part? It's PROFITABLE to organizations!

Research proves:


Respect and equity have a positive impact on the financial indicators of business.


It's a win-win.

Are you ready to win? Keep reading...


Trainers, Professional Development, Consultants:

  • Do you want to get BETTER results from your learning design - you want more of your participants apply what you're delivering?
  • Is the training department of your organization just not getting the results you want in your organization - whether they're teaching about new software, policies, leadership, or softskills?
  • Are you a training organization whose new (and seasoned) trainers lack skills in delivering compelling content that drives the desired change?
  • Are you looking to increase your training statistics and ROI?
  • Looking to collect and use professional development data that tells you something about what is being learned, applied, and successfully integrated?
  • Struggling to design training that drives change and gets the results you need?

Badass Trainer Bootcamp is exactly what you're looking for!

Educators, administrators, and their organizations:

  • Employees having trouble effectively communicating?
  • Successful team work challenged by conflict and disagreement?
  • Looking for tools to successfully attract, hire, and retain a new and more diverse workforce?
  • Need professional development that has an immediate impact?
  • Educational organization not getting the student performance results you desire?
  • Is your school or district impacted by poverty, trauma, and hiring and retention issues?
  • Looking for ways to meet the needs of the changing student populations?
  • Struggling with teacher or administrator evaluations related to environment, instruction, and student growth goals?
  • Are you looking for better ways to serve high poverty students and those that are impacted by trauma?
  • Want to incease your student-led learning and improve in your instructional design?

Then Teach Like Their Lives Depend On It is exactly what you need!


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