About With Respect

Trauma, Inequities, Inequalities, Disparities, Poverty, Conflict, Violence.

Living the impact of these issues was the birth of With Respect. As a result, we develop programs and curriculum designed to teach and support resilience and respect for individuals as well as the organizations that serve them. In so doing, we create and nurture cultures of equity, integrity and respect for all.

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Our focus is on Learning Experiences.  With Respect delivers exceptional services and products for individuals and organizations, teachers, front line workers, managers, leadership, administration, and executives through our professional and personally customized development programs as well as through courses for colleagues. Based on cutting-edge brain research and teaching techniques, we empower teachers and trainers to create outstanding learning experiences that stick!

With Perspective

Our organization is built on our diverse perspectives.
Our founder, who came from a background of violence and poverty, learned for herself how to develop resilience. She then went on to create a way to effectively make positive changes in the way we interact with and treat our fellow human beings. Our content builds on our own diverse and challenging experiences allowing us to provide dynamic and accessible learning experiences; teaching equity, integrity, and respect for all.