With Respect, LLC

Why it all started...

Born out of a response to the violence, and oppression in the World, With Respect, LLC focuses on a vision of equity and respect for all.

We view respect through our unique acronym:

Our Vision & Mission:

Design and deliver the tools and strategies necessary to support RESPECT and equity in business and society.

Our focus is on learning experiences: those provided by us through our professional development services and those provided by others, empowered with our T3 Program's skills and tools to create engaging, effective, and respectful adult learning opportunities.

Our services:

And our signature programs: 

 Badass Trainer Bootcamp

Teach Like Their Lives Depend On It   

Why Us?

With Respect, LLC provides immediately applicable TOOLS, SKILLS, & STRATEGIES. They are largely simple to learn with the opportunity of a lifetime to master. They are applicable and adaptable to everyone.

Our professional development services are tailored to the organization. We customize them to exactly what is needed. We engage in dialogue to deeply understand what is sought and how we can best deliver all services.

Our signature programs are unique because we step into deep learning relationships with our participants. We teach by immersion; participants experience what we are talking about. Then we dissect it; take it apart, and understand the science of why and how it works. Then, finally, participants do what we have learned about; they are supported in designing and delivering through what we have learned in our time together. This "performance" is assessed through a rubric (that participants have seen from the beginning) and a certification is awarded based on their success.

We empower trainers and teachers with the Mindset Scaffolding Blueprint of how to design and deliver outstanding learning experiences to increase the long-term learning by well over 30%.

Lastly, With Respect is piloting a new metric system to more accurately quantify the success of adult learning experiences in the short and long term. Check back often for more on this important data development!

These are our unique gifts to our clients and the World.

Who Are Our Clients?

With Respect, LLC has products and services for both individuals and organizations, from front line workers to leadership, administration, and executives.

Our history includes organizations in the following industries;

  • Educational Organizations
  • Law Enforcement, Child Welfare, & Judicial Systems
  • Healthcare & Mental Healthcare
  • Government Agencies & Armed Forces
  • Community Based Organizations (non-profits, library systems, human services, etc.)
  • Manufacturing, Construction, and Labor Unions
  • Large, small, national, and international businesses.

What Are Expected Outcomes?

Our goal is to support your organization by providing the tools, skills, and strategies to create, nurture, and encourage a culture of equity and respect.

Our services allow organizations to

  • improve organizational cultures of equity and respect;
  • increase competencies of leadership and employees as it relates to diverse work forces;
  • increase effective conflict negotiation;
  • increase employee satisfaction and morale;
  • increase productivity and employee retention;
  • decrease workplace bullying and harassment, conflict, and gossip;
  • meet legal and ethical obligations for strategic plans, professional development, and monitoring;
  • and other related issues.

Our professional development focus is on diversity competence and cultural intelligence that ensures individuals and organizations have the mindsets and flexibility they need to effectively respond to customers and employees of vast diversity. This includes an intentional organizational culture of respect & equity.

Our Badass Trainer Bootcamp likewise, is designed to improve the quality of professional development by teaching others what we do well. It supports the design and delivery of training that meets the needs of all employees in respectful and equitable ways to ensure meaningful, integrated learning experiences that move the organization forward in all their goals.

Our Teach Like Their Lives Depend On It gives teachers and administrators the skills and tools to improve their instruction, engagement, and performance particularly for students who experience poverty and/or trauma.

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet you where you are and take you to the point of sustainability.

After all, it's how we can all come together to change the World.

All of our work is research-based and built on over 25 years of experience doing the work in fields of education, law enforcement, child welfare, business, corporation, and government. Our client feedback indicates outcomes often exceed expectation and lead to customer satisfaction.

As always, we look forward to any opportunity to serve you and your organization and community. Feel free to connect with us via our social media forums or directly via phone (360-265-3777) or our contact form.



The Research

The work of With Respect, LLC is based on over 2 decades of research. The tools and strategies are simple AND unique. Their uniqueness is the result of integrating the theories and concepts of research into the application of life and business. We actively move research to best practice with real tools and strategies.

The integrated research stems from the following broad areas of research data:

Business & Marketing
Change Theory & Management
Conflict Negotiation
Cultural Competence
Cultural Intelligence
Effective Leadership
Finance & Economy
Learning & Development
Organizational Development
Organizational Systems
Theory of Constraint
Trauma-based Practice

Research is a foundation of logical application and the products and processes that we have developed reflect cutting edge use and application of that research.

If you have additional questions about specific research or how this research applies, check out our blogs or contact us today!

Applying the Research

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